Look at the New Mazda3 Sedan Safety Features

Now that the Mazda3 is parked on the lot here at Classic Mazda, we decided today would be the perfect time to showcase all the safety features that make this popular compact car the one to own right now.

Unlike the same system of the past, the new Adaptive Cruise Control in the Mazda3 is designed to do more than maintain your speed. Simply set the desired speed, and then the sensors use radar to scan ahead to find a lead car to create a buffer. If that buffer is not maintained, your vehicle speeds up or brakes to keep up that safer driving distance.

The Cross-Traffic Alert feature works like a camera behind your Mazda3 and can identify traffic coming in either direction. If a vehicle is moving towards the path of your car, you get a series of warning alerts so you have time to brake before moving into traffic.



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